ECOMAR's Strategic Vision in Mauritania.

Purpose of ECOMAR's Mauritania Initiative.

ECOMAR’s expansion into Mauritania embodies a strategic endeavor to merge profitability with significant social and environmental goals. Our initiative in Mauritania is centered around:

  • Supplying Mauritania’s population and its regions with premium fish products, addressing various economic levels.
  • Providing technical assistance and expertise to the burgeoning local fisheries and aquaculture sectors.
  • Contributing to the conservation of marine life and supporting sustainable fishing practices.
  • Enhancing food security and nutrition in Mauritania through responsible aquaculture.
  • Aligning with Mauritania’s objectives for sustainable marine resource management and economic diversification.

Become Part of ECOMAR's Global Community.

Embrace excellence with ECOMAR’s venture in Mauritania. As pioneers in sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, we welcome you to join our path towards a harmonious coexistence with marine ecosystems. Being a part of our community gives you access to exclusive deals tailored to your sophisticated tastes.

ECOMAR is committed to providing superior aquatic products, including a select range of fish and seafood, while promoting environmental stewardship. Our products are more than mere commodities; they symbolize our dedication to excellence, sustainability, and the well-being of Mauritania’s marine environment.

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