ECOMAR's Strategic Vision in Georgia.

Purpose of ECOMAR's Georgia Initiative.

ECOMAR’s expansion into Georgia is a deliberate strategy to merge profitability with meaningful social and environmental goals. Our initiative in Georgia is centered around:

  • Supplying Georgia’s varied population with premium fish products, addressing the needs of diverse economic groups.
  • Providing technical assistance to the local aquaculture sector.
  • Contributing to the conservation of freshwater and marine biodiversity in the region.
  • Enhancing the culinary and cultural experiences in Georgia through sustainable seafood.
  • Aligning with Georgia’s vision for sustainable development and eco-friendly aquaculture practices.

Become Part of ECOMAR's Global Community.

Join us in experiencing excellence with ECOMAR’s venture in Georgia. As pioneers in sustainable aquaculture, we extend an invitation for you to be a part of our path towards ecological equilibrium. Inclusion in our community grants you access to exclusive daily offers tailored to your sophisticated tastes.

ECOMAR is committed to providing first-rate aquatic products, including an exquisite array of fish and caviar, all while leading the charge in environmental stewardship. Our products are more than mere sustenance; they symbolize our steadfast dedication to quality and sustainability.

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