ECOMAR's Strategic Approach in Armenia.

ECOMAR in Armenia: Introduction to Our Product Concept

Purpose of ECOMAR's Enterprise.

The establishment of ECOMAR in Armenia is driven by the objective of generating profit while concurrently addressing broader social and environmental goals. Key aims include:

  • Providing the Armenian population with a diverse range of fish products, accessible to varying income levels.
  • Supporting related industries with technical products.
  • Contributing to biodiversity conservation.
  • Enhancing leisure activities.
  • Aligning with Armenia’s long-term strategy for aquaculture development.

This multi-faceted approach underscores ECOMAR’s commitment to sustainable, inclusive growth and environmental stewardship, reflecting our dedication to not only business success but also societal and ecological wellbeing.

Technological Advancements and Benefits.

ECOMAR leverages cutting-edge technology to optimize aquaculture practices, offering several key advantages:

  1. Optimized Aquaculture Operations: ECOMAR’s unique modular design features independent water cycles for each pool, enabling precise control and high hygiene standards. This design not only prevents pathogen transfer between pools, ensuring healthier fish and safer products, but also allows for customized management of different fish species and growth stages.

  2. Efficient and Eco-friendly Systems: The farm utilizes advanced technology like heat pumps and cogeneration electric current generators to maintain an optimal energy balance. This commitment to energy efficiency, coupled with continuous water quality monitoring and controlled growth environments, exemplifies ECOMAR’s dedication to environmental responsibility and minimal resource consumption.

  3. Innovation and Sustainability: Beyond being a mere fish farm, ECOMAR represents an innovation hub in Armenia’s aquaculture sector. Its scalable production, safe aeration methods, and reduced energy consumption highlight its journey towards setting industry benchmarks, where sustainability and productivity are seamlessly integrated.

We are more than just a fish farm; we are a hub of innovation and sustainability in the heart of Armenia. Join us in our journey as we continue to set new benchmarks in the aquaculture industry, fostering a future where sustainability and productivity go hand in hand.

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Diverse Aquaculture Offerings.

ECOMAR stands as a pioneer in Armenian aquaculture, boasting an extensive array of fish species categorized by their value and ecological importance. We take pride in our sophisticated selection, ensuring a rich variety that caters to various preferences and market demands.

A. Very Valuable Breed of Fish

Our premium selection includes species renowned for their rarity and value:

  1. Beluga (Huso huso): The giant of the Caspian, prized for its exquisite caviar.
  2. Kaluga (Huso dauricus): A close relative to the Beluga, valued for its size and roe.
  3. Amur Sturgeon (Acipenser schrenckii): A gem from the Amur River basin, known for its delicate flesh.
  4. Persian Sturgeon (Acipenser persicus): Sought after for its premium caviar.
  5. Russian Sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii): The source of the famous “Osetra” caviar.
  6. Siberian Sturgeon (Acipenser baerii): Adapted to the harsh Siberian climate, offering robust caviar.
  7. Stellate Sturgeon (Acipenser stellatus): Provides the unique “Sevruga” caviar.

B. Valuable Breed of Fish

Our valuable breed category features a variety of species known for their taste and nutritional value:

  1. Hybrid Sturgeon: A crossbreed offering the best traits of its ancestors.
  2. Arctic Char (Salvelinus alpinus): A cold-water delight with a distinctive flavor.
  3. Olive Flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus): A flatfish favorite for its delicate, white flesh.
  4. Brown Trout (Salmo trutta): A freshwater staple with widespread culinary appeal.
  5. Kutum (Rutilus frisii kutum): A Caspian Sea native with a regional following.
  6. Sebago Salmon (Salmo salar m. Sebago): A landlocked salmon variety with a rich taste.
  7. Rainbow Trout (Parasalmo mykiss): A popular choice for its colorful appearance and versatility.
  8. Muksun (Coregonus muksun): A Siberian whitefish valued for its fatty, tender meat.
  9. Nelma (Stenodus leucichthys nelma): Known for its large size and tasty meat.
  10. Arctic Cisco (Coregonus autumnalis): A cold-water fish with a delicate, oily flesh.
  11. Baikal Omul (Coregonus autumnalis migratorius): A Baikal exclusive, revered for its flavor.
  12. Peled (Coregonus peled): A whitefish that thrives in the cold northern waters.
  13. Whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus): A widespread species with commercial importance.
  14. Zander (Sander lucioperca): A freshwater predator with a delicate taste.
  15. Masu Salmon (Oncorhynchus masou): A Pacific salmon variety, celebrated in Asian cuisine.
  16. Sterlet (Acipenser ruthenus): A smaller sturgeon species, yet significant for its caviar.
  17. Taimen (Hucho): A large salmonid, known locally as the “river wolf” for its size.
  18. European Eel (Anguilla anguilla): A species with a complex lifecycle, valued for its meat.
  19. Sevan Trout (Salmo ischchan): Endemic to Lake Sevan, cherished for its unique taste.
  20. Grayling (Thymallus): A freshwater fish with a mild, fine-grained flesh.
  21. Ship Sturgeon (Acipenser nudiventris): Another sturgeon species with notable caviar.

Extensive Range of Processed Fish Products.

Types of Fish Processing

At ECOMAR, our processing techniques are diverse, ensuring that we cater to all culinary preferences and traditions. Our processes include:

  • Pickling
  • Salting
  • Drying
  • Canning
  • Production of preserves
  • Hot smoking
  • Cold smoking
  • Production of minced fish products
  • Fish oil and fish meal manufacturing
  • Creation of fish glue
  • Meatballs, dumplings, and related products

Canned in Oil

Our canned fish in oil range is a testament to our commitment to tradition and flavor, featuring:

  1. Arctic Char Smoked in Oil
  2. Beluga Sturgeon Smoked in Oil
  3. Hybrid Sturgeon Smoked in Oil … and many others

These delicacies are perfect for gourmet markets, offering a taste of luxury preserved in oil for longevity and richness of flavor.

Cans in Tomato Sauce

We also offer a hearty selection canned in tomato sauce, which includes:

  1. Beluga Fried in Tomato Sauce
  2. Fish Stuffed Cabbage Rolls in Tomato Sauce
  3. Fish Minced Meat Wedges in Tomato Sauce … and many others

This variety provides an option for every palate, from traditional fried fish in sauce to innovative dishes like pepper stuffed with fish, all enriched with the tangy taste of tomatoes.


Canned Natural

For those who prefer the unadulterated taste of fish, our canned natural selection offers:

  1. Natural Beluga
  2. Natural Arctic Char
  3. Natural Kaluga … and many others

These products deliver the pure, clean flavors of the fish, perfect for those who appreciate the natural taste of high-quality seafood.

Products of Processing

Our processed fish products are diverse, providing numerous options for both direct consumption and culinary use:

  1. Fillet Products
  2. Various Sausages, including Sturgeon-Catfish Varieties
  3. Hams and Rolls … and many others

Whether our customers are looking for the main ingredient for their next meal or seeking ready-to-eat options, we have them covered.

Deep-Frozen Products

Recognizing the need for long-term storage without sacrificing quality, our deep-frozen products ensure freshness and include:

  1. Steak
  2. Fillet on the Skin
  3. Whole Fish, Ungutted with Head
  4. Whole Fish, Gutted without Head

Our deep-freeze process locks in flavor and nutrients, ensuring that our customers receive the finest fish products, ready to be prepared at their convenience.


Strategic Location.

Located in the Ararat Region, Armenia, ECOMAR specializes in cultivating and selling particularly valuable and valuable breeds of fish and sturgeon caviar. This area is celebrated for its pristine natural resources, providing an ideal environment for aquaculture.

Infrastructure and Technology ECOMAR’s facility features innovative insulated aqua modules, strategically positioned in Armenia for optimal fish farming. This setup enables:

  • Precise environmental control.
  • Enhanced biosecurity and disease management.
  • Increased production efficiency.

Our RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System) includes:

  • 5 workshops with 120 pools each.
  • Spacious pools measuring 6 to 10 meters in diameter and 1.2 meters in height.

Sustainable Practices Spanning 200 hectares, our sustainable approach includes:

  • On-site well water for a consistent, controlled water supply.
  • No wastewater discharge into local rivers.
  • Hydroponics integration to recycle fish waste as nutrients for plants, creating a synergistic relationship between aquaculture and hydroponic systems.

Advanced Controlled Closed Water Supply Technology.

Advanced Controlled Closed Water Supply Technology at ECOMAR incorporates Polish Professor Adamek’s 2002 innovation, now integral to over 43 European enterprises. Key features include:
  1. Four Independent Fry Landings Annually: This approach allows for an evenly distributed and boosted production, thanks to intensified feeding and higher stocking density in the existing tanks.

  2. Modular Recirculating Water Supply Plant: This compact and efficient system enables rapid fish production in a small area (up to 2 tons of fish on just 35m^2), irrespective of external weather conditions, and is adaptable for different cultivation stages with additional modules.

  3. Facility and Specialized Zones: ECOMAR’s facility, spanning 200 x 50 meters, is divided into specialized zones for different stages of fish cultivation, including areas for broodstock management, fish growth, and administrative and utility spaces. The facility is also equipped with comprehensive infrastructure, including a checkpoint, firefighting station, treatment facilities, and a parking lot, ensuring high efficiency and adherence to environmental and security standards.

DALL·E 2023-11-22 19.17.28 - 1. An illustration showcasing solar-powered water purification systems in an ecological aquaculture farm. The image should depict innovative solar pan

Advantages of RAS Technology.

Advantages of RAS Technology

ECOMAR’s adoption of Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) in Armenia offers several benefits, not only enhancing the growth and health of the fish but also contributing to environmental sustainability and operational efficiency.

  • Enhanced Fish Growth: RAS technology fosters optimal conditions, boosting fish growth rates for quicker market readiness.
  • Accelerated Broodstock Development: It speeds up the maturation of breeding fish, establishing a strong broodstock quickly.
  • High-Density Aquaculture: Controlled environments allow for high-density fish farming in limited spaces.
  • Production Control: Ensures consistent quality and yield through complete management of the production process.
  • Environmental Stability: RAS functions independently of external environmental factors, reducing risks.
  • Resource Efficiency: Saves water, land, and energy, showcasing ECOMAR’s commitment to sustainability.
  • Mechanization and Automation: Enhances efficiency and reduces manual labor requirements.
  • Eco-Friendly: Guarantees ecological cleanliness in production and final products, meeting environmental standards.

Improved Stocking Density and Feed Efficiency

RAS technology significantly improves stocking density and feed efficiency:

  • High Stocking Density: Facilitates up to 70 kg/m2 sturgeon cultivation by saturating recycled water with oxygen, maximizing space and production.
  • Efficient Breathing and Feeding: High oxygen levels lower the effort required for breathing, reducing feed intake and improving the feed conversion ratio (FCR), thus leading to cost-effective and efficient growth.

Generic Recirculation System Design

To achieve these advantages, modern RAS systems incorporate a comprehensive set of components, ensuring the seamless operation and high efficiency of aquaculture practices:

  1. Pump: Circulates water throughout the system.
  2. Bio-filter: Breaks down harmful ammonia into nitrites and then nitrates, essential for maintaining water quality.
  3. Solids Collection Systems: Utilizes a rotating drum filter to remove solid waste from the water.
  4. Foam Fractionation Unit: Also known as a protein skimmer or dissolved air flotation device, it removes organic compounds.
  5. Carbon Dioxide Degasser: Eliminates excess CO2 from the water, ensuring optimal conditions for fish.
  6. Nitrate Filter: Reduces nitrate levels, further improving water quality.
  7. Sterilization Points: Typically involves UV sterilization to eliminate pathogens.
  8. Tank Drainage System: Separates wastes from the main outflows, enhancing water quality.
  9. Temperature Control: Utilizes a heat pump or evaporative cooling to maintain the desired water temperature.
  10. Heat Exchange of Effluent Waters: Recovers heat from discharged water, improving energy efficiency.
  11. Oxygen Injection System: Ensures high levels of dissolved oxygen for optimal fish health.
  12. pH Control and Alkalinity Dosing System: Maintains stable pH levels and water hardness, crucial for fish welfare.

By integrating these sophisticated components, ECOMAR not only ensures the high productivity and sustainability of its aquaculture operations but also sets a benchmark for eco-friendly and technologically advanced fish farming practices in Armenia and beyond.


Integrating Aquaponics, Aeroponics, and Fish Farming.

ECOMAR integrates aquaponics, aeroponics, and fish farming to create a sustainable cycle where fish waste provides essential nutrients for plant growth, and the plants in turn purify the water for the fish​​.

In aeroponics, a diverse range of fruits, vegetables, and herbs can be cultivated. Fruits like strawberries, blueberries, and melons thrive in this system, although larger fruits have more challenging requirements​​. Most non-tree and non-root vegetables grow well in aeroponics, with specific conditions tailored to each vegetable’s needs​​. Almost all herbs are well-suited for aeroponics, benefiting from precise control over environmental factors, resulting in faster growth and higher yields​​.

Hydroponic systems, which involve soilless cultivation, are efficient and sustainable. These systems replace soil with substrates like mineral wool or expanded clay to support plant roots. Hydroponics offer several advantages: space efficiency through horizontal and vertical setups, reduced labor costs due to automation, protection from pests without the need for pesticides, and controlled conditions that enhance yield and predictability. This method allows for the cultivation of a wide range of vegetables, herbs, and even flowers, with cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, and various herbs being prime examples​​.

Managing pH and EC levels is crucial in hydroponics, as these factors influence nutrient uptake and plant health. Ideal pH levels for herbs typically range from 5.5 to 6.5, and the EC (Electrical Conductivity), indicating nutrient concentration, should be between 1.0 and 1.6​​.



Aeromine – A Game-Changing Solution for Rooftop Renewables

Recognizing the untapped potential of wind power and the limitations of existing rooftop energy solutions, Aeromine has developed a more productive approach.

Extensive research and development led to the creation of the patented Aeromine airfoil technology. This technology significantly surpasses traditional distributed wind turbines, which are not well-suited for most rooftop applications.

Aeromine’s founders have innovated a more efficient method to harness even moderate winds for power generation in large flat-roofed buildings, including warehouses, data centers, office spaces, and residential buildings​​.

The Aeromine Difference

Aeromine stands out with its patented aerodynamic design that captures and amplifies building airflow at wind speeds of up to 5 mph, akin to racing car airfoils.

Unlike turbines that require rotating rotor blades and numerous moving parts, making them susceptible to maintenance challenges, Aeromine’s stationary and robust solution generates more power in a smaller footprint.

A single Aeromine unit can produce the same amount of energy as up to 16 solar panels. Aeromine is ideally suited for installation on buildings with large flat roofs such as warehouses and distribution centers, production facilities, office buildings, multi-apartment residential complexes, and big-box retail stores​​.

Innovative Fish Farming and Processing Technologies.

At the forefront of fish cultivation and processing, we employ the groundbreaking, patented hydrogen technologies developed by Prof. Khachatryan, unrivaled anywhere in the world. These technologies include:

  1. Advanced Water Treatment and Activation: This specialized technique significantly accelerates the growth of fry by 1.5 to 2 times and increases their survival rate to nearly 100% (compared to the standard 60-70% survival rate). This process ensures a more efficient and successful fish breeding program.

  2. Patented Fish Feed Additive: Our unique, patented feed additive, when mixed with water, releases a high concentration of hydride ions. This innovation enhances the fish’s body mass even with low protein and fat content in their feed, boosts egg production, strengthens their immune system, and consequently, reduces the risk of chronic diseases and increases survival rates during various illnesses.

  3. Electrochemically Activated Mineral Solution for Fish Meat Processing: The fish meat is processed in a special, patented, and world-unique electrochemically activated mineral solution. This method ensures complete disinfection of the fish meat, extends its shelf life during preservation without the need for additional chemical preservatives, thus rendering the product ecologically pure.

  4. Revolutionary Caviar Processing: During caviar processing, it is disinfected in the same mineral solution and seasoned with a unique ‘hydrogen salt’, unparalleled in the world. This innovative approach enhances the caviar’s beneficial properties manifold, imbuing it with antioxidant properties, enriching its flavor profile, extending its shelf life without chemical preservatives, and preserving its original freshness and taste.



At ECOMAR, we are committed to using cutting-edge technology to maintain the highest standards in fish processing. Our factory is outfitted with industry-leading equipment to enhance every aspect of our production process, encompassing several critical departments:

  1. Fish Cutting Shop: Leveraging MAREL’s precision cutting technology, we ensure that each fish is filleted and processed with unmatched accuracy and efficiency, preserving quality and minimizing waste.

  2. Deep Freeze Shop: Our deep freeze facility employs MAREL’s innovative freezing techniques, guaranteeing the freshness and nutritional value of our products are locked in immediately after processing.

  3. Smoke Shop: In the smoking process, we now use REICH Thermoprozesstechnik GmbH’s advanced smoking systems, offering consistent, high-quality flavor in all our smoked fish products.

  4. Cannery: For canning operations, we have adopted technology from Toyo Seikan Co., Ltd., ensuring each product is preserved with the utmost care to maintain taste and extend shelf life.

  5. Packing Shop: Our packaging solutions ensure that our products are effectively and attractively packaged, arriving to our customers in perfect condition.

  6. Finished Goods Warehouse: The storage of our finished products is managed with integrated warehousing systems, ensuring efficient and organized handling until ready for distribution.

By incorporating these advanced technologies, ECOMAR reinforces its commitment to delivering superior quality fish products, upholding sustainability, and increasing efficiency at every stage of our processing chain.

DALL·E 2023-12-04 23.30.16 - An advanced can production facility showcasing the proprietary technology of ECOMAR. The scene includes sophisticated Japanese equipment, prominently
DALL·E 2023-12-11 19.59.35 - A high-tech, advanced can production facility with modern machinery and automated production lines. The scene includes futuristic design elements, rob(1)

Advanced Can Production.

ECOMAR is proud to introduce its proprietary can production, employing sophisticated Japanese equipment. Using the advanced Alfons Haar machinery, we produce the thinnest 2-piece fish DRD can in the market, with a 0.14 DR8 thickness. This innovation results in a 20% reduction in metal usage, saving over $1,000,000 annually per production line.

Our patented sidewall bead design, coupled with a tab-safe bottom, prevents accidental openings and enhances can stability, especially for easy-open ends. This design exemplifies our commitment to quality and safety.

ECOMAR’s cans are further distinguished by Royal Can Industries’ automatic 6-color printing technology, recognized globally for its high-quality finish.

We offer comprehensive services, including metal coating and printing, and provide expert consultation in packaging product design. ECOMAR remains a leader in can production through continuous innovation and dedication to excellence.


Introducing Egget® Technology.

At ECOMAR, we are thrilled to share the news of integrating Hauge Aqua Solutions AS’s pioneering Egget® technology at our aquaculture setups in Armenia, notably within the iconic Sevan Lake. This avant-garde, eco-friendly innovation is a leap forward in the realm of industrial fish farming.

The Egget® system is distinguished by its novel egg-shaped structure, providing a completely sealed aquatic habitat that greatly boosts fish welfare and eco-sustainability. Its deep water intakes, strategically placed, drastically lower the likelihood of parasite infestation, a notable advantage for operations within Sevan Lake’s unique ecosystem.

This ingeniously designed system facilitates supreme feed distribution and waste handling, effectively tackling prevalent industry hurdles. It enhances the health and safety conditions for personnel, diminishes the chances of fish escapes, and curtails environmental repercussions. The deployment of Egget® technology at Sevan Lake not only emphasizes our dedication to sustainable advancement and ecological guardianship but also represents a significant stride towards addressing the specific environmental challenges of the lake.

Each Egget® unit has the capacity to simultaneously rear an impressive 1,000 tons of fish, showcasing an unparalleled scale of efficiency and productivity in aquaculture. This capability underscores the technology’s potential to revolutionize fish farming in Sevan Lake and beyond.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Fish Welfare: The enclosed setup and regulated water circulation guarantee a consistent and salubrious habitat for the fish, with particular consideration for the unique conditions of Sevan Lake.
  • Environmental Protection: The reduction in organic output and proficient waste management contribute to a minimal ecological footprint, aligning with Sevan Lake’s conservation goals.
  • Operational Safety: The protected work environment and diminished exposure to high-risk tasks markedly improve safety for the workforce.
  • Reduced Parasite Risk: The deep water intake mechanism effectively lowers the threat of salmon lice and other parasites, a critical factor for the biodiversity of Sevan Lake.
  • Efficiency in Feeding: Sophisticated feeding strategies and containment result in more accurate feed application, minimizing waste and enhancing the efficiency of resource use.
  • Scale of Production: The ability to cultivate 1,000 tons of fish within each Egget® unit represents a significant advancement in aquaculture scalability and sustainability, particularly within the context of Sevan Lake’s ecosystem.

Drones in Security Service.

Forget the outdated security technologies of the past. The era of unreliable alarms and inattentive human guards is over. Today, a modern security officer is not a person, but a flying robot – a drone. Drones have revolutionized aerial security, elevating the concept of surveillance and safety to unprecedented heights. These unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are now pivotal in safeguarding properties, territories, and people, and play a crucial role in identifying and curtailing illegal activities.

What sets drones apart? Their tireless and unwavering efficiency. Unlike human guards, drones are not prone to distractions or fatigue. They don’t take breaks or fall asleep on the job. A patrol drone operates continuously, maintaining peak effectiveness around the clock.

Introducing The Bee and The Hive:

  • The Bee: A lightweight drone designed for optimal safety and performance. It features autonomous flight, high-quality video capabilities, and precise landing and charging.

  • The Hive: The central hub for The Bee. It not only houses and charges the drone but also processes and analyzes sensor data with cutting-edge AI technology.
DALL·E 2023-12-04 23.19.47 - Image 1 A scene depicting 'The Bee,' a lightweight drone for optimal safety and performance. The drone features autonomous flight capabilities, is eq
DALL·E 2023-12-04 23.19.52 - Image 1 A scene depicting 'The Bee,' a lightweight drone for optimal safety and performance. The drone features autonomous flight capabilities, is eq


ECOMAR is set for a strategic expansion in the Armenian fish market from 2025 to 2030, focusing on the launch of exclusive stores for its products. This initiative aims to directly assure customers of our product quality.

Between 2025 and 2026, ECOMAR plans to open over 50 stores in Armenia, laying a strong foundation for growth. Additionally, ECOMAR will establish a public catering network with branded Food Trucks, enhancing the accessibility of ECOMAR products throughout Armenia.

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